The Canadian Retirement Planner's Software

by David Gobeil, MSc, CPA, CA, CFP®, CEA

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Sample Retirement Plans

Features of the Canadian Retirement Planner's (CRP) Software

The Software can deal with all aspects of your financial situation including:

  • Spouse/Partner Allocations - Allocate assets and pension incomes between spouses, prepare separate income projections, and income tax calculations, and use an integrated strategy for investment assets.
  • Income Taxes - With progressive tax rates in Canada and taxation of all proceeds from an RRSP, the tax burden is a critical consideration in retirement planning.
  • Pension Income Splitting - Calculate the amount of pension income to split between spouses/partners to minimize their income taxes and preserve Old Age Security.
  • Inflation and Indexing - Enables you to specify inflation and indexation rates and calculates their impact. The impact of inflation on retirement planning is frightening. 
  • Income Projections - Prepare projections of retirement income based upon current savings or additional savings required in an RRSP, TFSA, or as tax-paid capital.
  • Sustainable Income Levels - Determine the maximum sustainable income level. “How much can I afford to spend?” 
  • Tax-Free Savings Accounts - Determine contribution room, carry-forwards, and appropriate drawdowns of funds.
  • RRSP Savings Plan - Determine earned income, pension adjustments, maximum RRSP contributions, RRSP carry-forwards, and appropriate use of Spousal RRSPs.
  • Locked-in Funds - Calculate minimum and maximum withdrawals from Life Income Funds and specify age at which to start drawing maximum from funds.
  • Fully Supported - Updated at least twice yearly to incorporate changes in the Income Tax Act and to add features requested by users. Ongoing technical support is just an email away!
  • Audit Trails – Audit report show you the year-by-year accumulations and use of savings to provide retirement funds.

and Much More... Providing you peace of mind that you are getting the best advice for your situation.

Retirement Software Options

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For Personal Use

Prepare your retirement savings plan or plan how to use your savings and best enjoy retirement. 

For families with enough financial background and computer skills to take the Do-it-Yourself Approach. 

$195 gives you 1 plan with multiple scenarios.

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Hire a Planner

Need some help? Hiring a fee-only planner who will assist you in gathering your information, developing your assumptions, using the Software to prepare your draft plan, reviewing the plan with you, and completing the final plan that meets your needs.

For families looking for professional assistance to develop a plan.

Starting at $695

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Want to Become a Partnered Planner

Do you offer retirement planning services and want to expand your practice in an ever-growing market?

Find out more about how to become a Certified Canadian Retirement Planner™ (CCRP™). And how the software can meet your planning needs for years to come.

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